Or ‘Happy Students’ might be a better description, in their own words……

Thank you so much for all of Nora’s art classes this half term, she has absolutely loved it.” Nora’s Mum, October 2020.

The Colour Curve classes were fun and relaxing and I loved making the different pieces each week. I learned to work with wire and I liked painting with watercolours.” C, aged 8

Thank you for all your help for the past four years! I’ll never forget all the silly times we had in Art. P.S Martin is still a very happy papier mache octopus…” Liz, A Level student

Thank you for being a great Art teacher for the last four years”. Paigan, GCSE student

Thank you so much for teaching us GCSE Art! We had the best two years!” Georgia, GCSE student

“Thank you for all the love and support you have given me here at ***Grammar School! I never thought I would enjoy Art as much as I did. I will always remember my time here and will miss Art very much. Thank you SO much. X” Iqra, A Level student

“Thank you for helping and inspiring me throughout my Art course this year. I have enjoyed you teaching me and learning the new skills you have taught us. I am glad that I got a chance to have you as a teacher.” Laura, GCSE student

We absolutely loved Laura’s GCSE Art display! Thank you for inspiring her and encouraging her to try new ideas.” Karen, Laura’s Mum

“Thank you for being the best Art teacher! And for the artistic licence😜” Charlotte, GCSE student